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Data science & Machine learning online course

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Best #1 Data Science & Machine Learning Training in India Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai, Oline Courses: IndiQa Analytics is a human-centric and solutions-driven organization with high levels of integrity and ethics.

Data science & Machine learning online course

Data Science Course

Data science is a multidisciplinary field which draws expertise from various domains such as Statistics, Programming, and Mathematics etc. The course has been specially designed for participants who do not have any prior programming background.

Data science & Machine learning online course

Machine learning Course

The course designed by IndiQa Analytics is aimed at providing this very skillset to the participants who wish to make a career or transition into the field of Data science and Machine Learning.


Ajay Ohri (he/him/his), Manager Data Science comes from a rich background in data science and technology and is passionate about consumer insights, research and strategy.

Ajay has

– created meaningful impact with data science projects by leading and mentoring data scientists as well as acting as an individual contributor

– Data Scientist with 17 + years of experience and the author of two books in R, one book on SAS, and one in Python.

– He is a frequent talker at data science-related events and a seasoned thought leader featured in a wide variety of industry publications including KDNuggets

– created data science content, mentored students, and contributed to courses at Jigsaw, Edureka, IMS Proschool, WeekendR, Sunstone, UpGrad, Springboard, and BITS Pilani Wilp.

– recognized by AICTE – Ministry of Education and Identified as an Expert for evaluation of NEAT Courses – knowledgeable in Python, SAS, R, SQL, Azure Data Bricks and GCP.

Ajay Ohri, Data Scientist 

R for Business Analytics (Springer 2013)

R for Cloud Computing (Springer 2014)

Python for R Users (Wiley 2017)

SAS for R Users (Wiley 2019)